Saturday, January 11, 2014

What are the Holidays in the Philippines in 2014

Official public holidays in the Philippines have been announced for 2014. President Aquino signed Proclamation 655 on September 25, 2013. We have 20 public holidays scheduled for 2014, including the addition of Chinese New Year.

Plan early your long weekend vacation!

The following is a list of holidays for 2014, declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 655, s. 
2013, unless otherwise specified:

  • January 1, 2014, WednesdayNew Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)
  • January 31, 2014, FridayChinese New Year (Special non-working day)
  • February 25, 2014, Tuesday EDSA Revolution anniversary (Holiday for all schools)
  • April 9, 2014, WednesdayAraw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)
  • April 17, 2014 Maundy Thursday (Regular Holiday)
  • April 18, 2014Good Friday (Regular Holiday)
  • April 19, 2014Black Saturday (Special non-working day)
  • May 1, 2014, ThursdayLabor Day (Regular Holiday)
  • June 12, 2014, Thursday – Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
  • August 21, 2014, ThursdayNinoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)
  • August 25, 2014, Monday National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
  • November 1, 2014, SaturdayAll Saints Day (Special non-working day)
  • November 30, 2014, SundayBonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)
  • December 24, 2014, WednesdayAdditional special non-working day (Special non-working day)
  • December 25, 2014, ThursdayChristmas Day (Regular Holiday)
  • December 26, 2014, FridayAdditional special non-working day (Special non-working day)
  • December 30, 2014, TuesdayRizal Day (Regular Holiday)
  • December 31, 2014, WednesdayLast day of the year (Special non-working day)

Separate proclamations will be issued for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick PC Shutdown

You might be wondering if there's some sort of shortcut how to turn off your PC, well there is! instead in going through the Start Menu >Shut Down >Ok, to turn off your PC now you can create a desktop shortcut that will allow faster to shut down.

  1. Right click on your desktop, New > Shortcut > OK. 
  2. At the "Type the location of the item:" Enter the following line: Shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  3. Click on Next and enter a name for the shortcut .
  4. Click Ok
  5. The shortcut will be created.
  6. From there you can change the icon: Right click on your shortcut and click Properties and then Change Icon.

To use this shortcut, double click on it and your PC will turn off.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smart / Talk n Text Fair Use Policy

If you are Smart or Talk 'n Text user and you load yesterday maybe you  wonder why suddenly you run out of load. Its because of the Fair Use Policy of the company.

What is FUP – it stands for Fair Use Policy

About Smart's Fair Use Policy

As part of its continuing commitment to provide high-quality service to our subscribers, Smart is putting forth the Fair Use Policy for its Unlimited Call & Text Services.

talkntextThis ensures that commercially available unlimited voice & SMS products are used properly to preserve the integrity of the Smart network to be able to deliver the best service to ALL our subscribers.

In your purchase of Smart’s unlimited products and services, you agree to our conditions on Fair Use and agree to be bound by the policy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morcon 2012

MORCON (Mastering Online Ranking Conference) is this year's huge event of SEO people and there are a lot of useufl topics that will be given and shared by the SEO gurus from South to North that will  join this event.

Come and join us with this two-day conference on September 29-30, 2012 at Vista Venice Morong, Bataan with lots of surprises and excitement that will come in your way!

To register, simply follow this link
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MORCON 2012 Rocks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What are the Causes and Cures for Eye Twitching?

Have you ever experience eye twitching? Well, I do! If you wonder what eye twitching is, then I will explain what this condition is. It is somewhat common problem in the eyes along with spasms and eyelid tics. Normally, only the underneath lid of one eye is entailed. However, the upper part of the eyelid can also twitch. Most of this condition will come and go, though they can last for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months.

What are the Causes of Eye Twitching?
Before you can treat this eye condition, you need to know first the causes of eye twitching. In medical terms known as myokymia, the undulating contractions of muscle in your eyelid can be caused by some sorts of allergies, nutritional imbalances, drying of eyes, taking too much alcohol and caffeine. This can also be caused by eye strain, stress and weariness.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Does Jessica Sanchez Did Not Win in American Idol

So the American Idol is finally over and the result? Well, of course, a lot of Filipino people are very disappointed with the result since the half Mexican-Filipino Jessica Sanchez did not win in this reality singing show. Many people, who are not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries, expressed their feelings with regard to the result of the 11th Season of American Idol. Some says that it is because of racism, which apparently maybe true. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

BootCamp 3 at Balanga City Bataan Rocks!

For the 3rd time around the Bootcamp 3 is held at Balanga City Bataan on March 9, 2012 and this is my 2nd time to attend this kind of seminar. This seminar is really interesting for those guys out there who are willing to learn Online Business. Also, the speakers are all very successful in this field and all members of

                For the introduction, Mr. Ed Pudol, who is the owner of and current President of, My Boss, My Mentor and a very good friend of mine, gave very encouraging words as a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Kim Tyrone Agapito gave ideas for Blogging as Sources of Income; he is the owner of and He is also known as the Heartthrob of On the other hand, Making Money from Social Media was lectured by Ms Ana Tan.  I just met her at the bootcamp and she is very kind and approachable.  Web Developing Services was discussed by Mr. Jan Alvin Dimla, one of my Bosses at Go TravelPhilippines, a serious type of guy and yet funny.