Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The good and bad sides of Maggots

When a common house fly lays its eggs in moist, rotting material where maggots come out from the eggs in warm weather within eight to 20 hours, and they instantly eat, and rise in, the material where the eggs were laid. Maggots are three to nine mm. long and with creamy white color.

In addition, when a maggot is mature, they will move slowly away to a cool, dry area near reproduction material, and change to the pupal phase. When an animal was infected by maggots, the infection is called Myiasis. This infection is most common in deer, sheep and cattle.

Also, Myiasis also takes place in humans, when certain house fly is attracted to wounds, where they lay their eggs. Moreover, the maggots then hole into the human skin. However, it also depends on the kind of house fly if the maggots will stay in the skin and cause injuries, or they transfer through the body and cause harm to different body organs.

Furthermore, intestinal myiasis happens when a person swallow food that contains the eggs of the maggots. On the other hand, maggots are also helpful in many ways. It can be used as decomposers, like fungi and bacteria. They aid to crash decomposing biomass and return the nutrients in the soil.

The decomposing flesh of dead animals, after the hunters are thru, is rapidly lessened to bone because of maggots’ action. Maggots are also employed seldom in the field of medicine, as are leeches. It can be used to eat dead tissues that help to clean open cuts.

Maggots can also eliminate the wounds’ harmful bacteria. Over 200 hospitals in Europe and in the United States have prescribed maggots of the Blowfly to cure patients with infections from damages, such as post-surgical wounds, stab wounds, foot and leg ulcers and pressure ulcers that will not heal well.

Every week, there are almost 5,000 laboratories grown and microorganism-free maggots are brought to the hospitals across the United States. Lastly, using maggots is sometimes quicker than other methods that are non-surgical to heal wounds and is not as possible to damage the healthy tissues

If you wonder how maggots do that, well it is very interesting to find out... right? 


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