Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies: A Cheat or Strategy?

As Plants vs. Zombies evolves on PCs, everybody loves to play this crazy game that was developed by PopCap Games for the systems of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The game includes characters such as several kinds of plants, an army of zombies and of course Crazy Dave.

The goal of the game is to defend the house of homeowners from the attack of zombies’ day or night. This game was first released on May 5 last year but only this year when it drives the players crazier about battling against zombies’ attack.

However, many players of this cool game did not pass the higher level especially when the huge wave of zombies is coming on their lawn. Others did not how to play well the game because they did not know the correct strategies and methods on how they can defeat all those hungry and angry zombies.

Now, the question is how can you level up the game as easy as ABC? Is there really some ways on how to do that? Some looks for a cheat and maybe your one of them right? Kidding aside, is there any cheats available in Plants vs. Zombies? The answer is yes but not the way you think it is. It is still a strategy on how to play the game.  

Here’s how:
There are some cheat modes that you can type while playing Plants vs. Zombies that will give new appearance of your garden and even the looks of the zombies.

If you want to give zombies futuristic shades, just type in the word “future”. When a zombie dies, you can get a shower of candy when you type the word “pinata”. Furthermore, the word “trickedout” will swap the appearance of lawn mower. The word “sukhbir” will clasps the zombies’ call for brains-sound, while the word “mustache” will give zombies mustaches and lastly the word “daisies”, zombies will leave small daisies behind when they are killed.

Now if you want to have easy money just fill your zen garden first and buy a snail. Give your snail a chocolate and go to sleep or maybe you can leave it for an hour and presto! You can earn more money. Now the problem is how can you fill your zen garden. The easiest way is to do some survivals or simply change the date on your PC and keep buying new ones.

Last strategy is if you want to increase the growth of your plant. Simply disable full screen mode and go to your zen garden. After feeding your plants, it will typically take 30 minutes to feed them again. If you want to feed them all, change the system time to an earlier value and this will increase their growth.


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