Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smart / Talk n Text Fair Use Policy

If you are Smart or Talk 'n Text user and you load yesterday maybe you  wonder why suddenly you run out of load. Its because of the Fair Use Policy of the company.

What is FUP – it stands for Fair Use Policy

About Smart's Fair Use Policy

As part of its continuing commitment to provide high-quality service to our subscribers, Smart is putting forth the Fair Use Policy for its Unlimited Call & Text Services.

talkntextThis ensures that commercially available unlimited voice & SMS products are used properly to preserve the integrity of the Smart network to be able to deliver the best service to ALL our subscribers.

In your purchase of Smart’s unlimited products and services, you agree to our conditions on Fair Use and agree to be bound by the policy.

Conditions of the Fair Use Policy

 Smart’s Fair Use Policy promotes pleasant use of call and text and aims to avoid the following:

  • Activities that may cause network congestion and those that can adversely impact the overall quality of service experienced by our subscribers
  • Any unlawful, invasive or fraudulent purposes that violate the legal rights of our subscribers
  • Any manner which affects the Company’s ability to provide and maintain the quality of its network and services
  • Any means aimed towards exploitation of mobile usage that may cause any loss or damage to Smart

Ensuring Fair Usage For All

 Smart reserves the right to disallow, suspend or terminate service of customers whose improper or abusive use of unlimited call & text services may jeopardize our ability to deliver the best customer experience to our subscribers. Smart also reserves the right to modify the FAIR USE POLICY without prior notice in order to maintain the integrity of Smart’s network services.