Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Does Jessica Sanchez Did Not Win in American Idol

So the American Idol is finally over and the result? Well, of course, a lot of Filipino people are very disappointed with the result since the half Mexican-Filipino Jessica Sanchez did not win in this reality singing show. Many people, who are not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries, expressed their feelings with regard to the result of the 11th Season of American Idol. Some says that it is because of racism, which apparently maybe true. 

As we all know, Jessica is not a pure American in blood, while Phillip Phillips, who was crown as the fifth consecutive male winner in American Idol, has a pure American blood. Though this may be true in some point of views, some say that it is really expected that it was Phillips who will be chosen that night. Regardless of how many votes Jessica will have, the thing that her contender is a pure American is a huge advantage compared to her status.

As a Filipino, we are aiming that Jessica will be crowned as the first Asian winner in American Idol. However, this may be by far enough to reality. On the other hand, some say that though Jessica did not win in America itself, she surely won in the hearts of her supporters around the world, not only in the United States but globally. Jessica is a sure win if the only thing matter is their talents and not the votes. 

She already showed everyone with her powerful voice and even the judges in American Idol were astonished when she sang. This already proves that she can be worth it if she only wins the reality singing competition show. Nonetheless, even if she not won this prestigious singing show, Jessica will surely be remembered around the world as one of the greatest among the competitors in American Idol in its history. 


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